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Smart Module Cleaning

Automate Solar Module Cleaning

Maximize solar module efficiency with automated cleaning schedules based on real-time weather data for optimal energy savings.

Feature Preview

Solar Module Cleaning Optimization

Customized schedules, real-time sensors, and data-driven energy savings.

Automated Cleaning Schedule

Set up and customize cleaning schedules for solar modules, optimizing efficiency and performance.

Environmental Sensing Technology

Utilize sensors to detect real-time weather conditions, ensuring cleaning occurs when needed most.

Energy Savings Analysis

Monitor the energy savings achieved through smart cleaning, allowing for data-driven decisions and cost reductions.

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Operating System for Clean Energy.

Asset Management doesn’t need to be complex. Constantly switching between Remote Monitoring systems, Project Management software, Design software, Excel/Word, and Mail disrupts flow and creates data silos. 

Futr solves it by letting you focus on the end goal – success of your plants over its multi-decade lifecycle. Deep integrations. No data silos. 

CMMS Workflow Management

Streamline ops with SOPs & maintenace calendars

Digital Twin

Single source of truth for your clean energy asset

Smart Alerts

Pre-defined triggers and system generated alerts

Document Management

Version controlled document management

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