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Digital Twin

Use Case:

Digital Twin is the underlying technology infrastructure for all modern energy management systems. FutrOS creates a unique identity for each device/equipment, mapping it with its serial numbers, make and model. It then further associates its ground location, electrical connects, documents, maintenance activities and events throughout the asset lifecycle to the unique ID. This creates something similar to a Facebook timeline, but for each device inside the asset. The digital replica of all of the devices together forms a digital first version of your clean energy assets. It keeps a track of all solar assets, such as panels, inverters, and batteries. This includes details like installation date, warranty information, and current condition.

Impact expected:

A single point of truth for everything related to your clean energy asset helps in discovering, identifying, and solving issues promptly. 

Key Users:

Operations and Maintenance Managers, Site Managers, Asset Managers

Applicable to:

All clean energy assets including but not limited to Solar (rooftop, utility), Wind, and BMS. 

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