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Prescinto aces the press. Futr? Your assets. 

Make the Switch to FutrOS for AI-driven Energy Asset Management

Top Features

Key distinctions setting FutrOS apart

Stay on top of sensitive data with Playbooks and customizable controls.

Warranty/Insurance Claim Management

Simplify and expedite the processing of warranty and insurance claims related to solar components, guaranteeing uninterrupted system functionality.

Optimized Cleaning Schedule Planning

Elevate overall efficiency through meticulous refinement of cleaning schedules, thereby maximizing the cleanliness and performance of solar assets.

Advanced Drone Thermography Inspection

Harness the power of drone technology to conduct precise and thorough thermographic inspections of solar systems, ensuring early detection of anomalies and improved overall maintenance.

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Now, a detailed comparison

How does Futr stack up against Prescinto?




Digital Twin Mapping

Digital twin mapping with serial no. of each equipment (including module)

Digital (RTK) navigation of anomoilies till module level

Asset Level Analytics

Performance Ratio

Temp. corrected PR

Observed vs budgeted PR

Inverter Efficiency

Inverter PR

Grid Availability

Recovering missing data of inverter

AC Power vs Irradiance


Prevented CO2

Spare Inventory tracking

Inventory Demand Forecasting

Warranty/Insurance Claim

Mail tracking between O&M & developer

Claims status dashboard

Tracking History of each asset

Actionable insight to optimize operations

Optimization of cleaning schedule

Platforms for Cleaning Frequency Forecasting and Generation Improvement

Smart Alerts

Major Highlights

Portfolio level analysis

Document management

Tickets & work orders

Automatic Alerts

Executive Dashboard

Maintenance Automation

Drone Thermography Inspection

IV Testing

EL Testing

Transmission Line Inspection

Energy generation forecast

Recovering missing data

Integrate with popular dataloggers, SCADA

Proprietary Logger – FutrLogger

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