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Digital Twin

Virtual Solar Assets for Real-World Efficiency

Enhance asset management through virtual replication, predictive analytics, and collaborative visualization for informed decision-making and optimized performance.

Feature Preview

Digital Asset Replication

Real-time monitoring, predictive insights, and collaborative decision-making with digital twins.

Virtual Asset Replication

Create digital replicas of physical assets for real-time monitoring and simulation.

Performance Predictions

Utilize historical and real-time data to forecast asset performance and potential issues.

Collaborative Visualization

Enable teams to interact with and analyze digital twins, fostering collaboration and data-driven decision-making.

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Operating System for Clean Energy.

Asset Management doesn’t need to be complex. Constantly switching between Remote Monitoring systems, Project Management software, Design software, Excel/Word, and Mail disrupts flow and creates data silos. 

Futr solves it by letting you focus on the end goal – success of your plants over its multi-decade lifecycle. Deep integrations. No data silos. 

Document Management

Version controlled document management

Inventory Management

Manage spares, access cross-asset inventories, reduce downtime

Performance Monitoring

Insights on increasing generation

Automated Reporting

Create and schedule custom reports

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