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Digital Twin

Virtual Solar Assets for Real-World Efficiency

Enhance asset management through virtual replication, predictive analytics, and collaborative visualization for informed decision-making and optimized performance.

Feature Preview

Get context by seeing your data

Futr works as a co-pilot for your Asset Management teams. Leverage data, create processes, and streamline operations. Do more with your data, do more with your asset. 

Virtual Asset Replication

Create digital replicas of physical assets for real-time monitoring and simulation.

Performance Predictions

Utilize historical and real-time data to forecast asset performance and potential issues.

Collaborative Visualization

Enable teams to interact with and analyze digital twins, fostering collaboration and data-driven decision-making.

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Operating System for Clean Energy.

Asset Management doesn’t need to be complex. Constantly switching between Remote Monitoring systems, Project Management software, Design software, Excel/Word, and Mail disrupts flow and creates data silos. 

Futr solves it by letting you focus on the end goal – success of your plants over its multi-decade lifecycle. Deep integrations. No data silos. 

Document Management

Version controlled document management

Inventory Management

Manage spares, access cross-asset inventories, reduce downtime

Performance Monitoring

Insights on increasing generation

Automated Reporting

Create and schedule custom reports

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