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Inventory Management

Use Case:

Inverters, combiner boxes, MFMs often malfunction and need to be repaired or replaced. Managing spares efficiently is critical to reduce unplanned downtime at energy assets. Prompt availability of spares in the reserve inventory helps in bringing back the affected devices online and minimizing downtime. FutrOS Inventory management system keeps a record of the spares maintained across all the company locations and helps in increasing cross-asset flow of information and inventory in the case of inventory deficit at a location. It also keeps a record of the spares required in the past to project healthy inventory levels for the future.

Impact expected:

Reduced downtime due to spare unavailability

Key Users:

Operations and Maintenance Managers, Site Managers, Asset Managers

Applicable to:

All clean energy assets including but not limited to Solar (rooftop, utility), Wind, and BMS. 

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