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Module Cleaning Automation

Use Case:

Keeping solar cells clean at scale requires a delicate balance between optimizing cost of cleaning and average soiling ratio across the asset. Typically modules are cleaned once in two weeks in a cyclic manner, irrespective of the soiling levels (with the exception of monsoons, where cleaning happens on need basis). FutrOS cleaning automation identifies solar modules that require cleaning based on an estimated soiling ratio, generates cleaning schedules, and allows the cleaning crew to update on an App after finishing the day’s work. All this, without increasing the overall cost of cleaning. This is done by transitioning from a fixed period cleaning schedule to a need based cleaning cycle, where module clusters that tend to be soiled more, are cleaned more frequently than others.

Impact expected:

Increase in overall generation, as modules remain cleaner with lower soiling losses. 

Key Users:

Site Managers, Site Technicians, Cleaning Crew

Applicable to:

Solar rooftop and utility scale assets

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