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Transmission Line Inspection

Proactively identify potential issues and ensure the reliable, efficient, and safe operation of your transmission lines.

Feature Preview

Revolutionize Your Transmission Line Management:

Harness the Power of Electroluminescence for Early Detection of Defects, From Microcracks to Soldering Issues, Ensuring Optimal Performance and Longevity.

Advanced inspection technologies:

Utilize drones, LiDAR, and thermal imaging for comprehensive and detailed inspection data.

Data-driven insights:

Leverage AI and machine learning to analyze data, identify anomalies, and predict future maintenance needs.

Real-time monitoring:

Gain immediate visibility into line health with 24/7 monitoring and automated reporting.

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Operating System for Clean Energy.

Asset Management doesn’t need to be complex. Constantly switching between Remote Monitoring systems, Project Management software, Design software, Excel/Word, and Mail disrupts flow and creates data silos. 

Futr solves it by letting you focus on the end goal – success of your plants over its multi-decade lifecycle. Deep integrations. No data silos. 

remote System for Clean Energy

Remote Monitoring

Remotely access your asset data

system setting

CMMS Workflow Management

Streamline ops with SOPs & maintenace calendars

futr verified

Smart Module Cleaning

Automated cleaning based on soiling loss

system alarm

Smart Alerts

Pre-defined triggers and system generated alerts

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