Case Study on how a leading IPP championed warranty management using MTTD as a KPI.

A 100MW solar asset in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India developed and maintained by a popular Independent Power Producer (IPP) stood at significant risk due to routine mismanagement of warranties provided by tens of OEMs.

The objective of migrating to FutrOS was to de-risk the energy asset by automating equipment warranty management with the help of a smart, automated, and measurable performance metric.

As a background – Warranty is the performance guarantee for an asset given by an OEM. It is also a core metric basis which the financial success of an energy asset is forecasted.

With north of 400,000 individual parts to be monitored for warranty triggers at a 100MWac plant, tracking non-performance became an inordinately difficult task even with a reasonably trained crew and a well stocked arsenal of testing equipment. Delay in discovering parts eligible for a warranty claim exposed the company not only to performance losses but also reduced the success of OEM honoring the warranty conditions.

FutrOS approach takes care of the problem with the following three attack points:

  1. Optimize MTTD: Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) is the average time it takes a person or a system to realize that something has failed. Shorter the MTTD – faster the corrective actions can be taken. Success of a warranty management program is directly proportional to the MTTDs being observed.
  2. Warranty Watchdogs: Digitization of the Warranty documents and setting up of smart software driven warranty triggers. Once the watchdogs are defined, the algorithms constantly observes performance to identify gaps. Automatic notifications are sent to the Asset Management teams once the performance falls below the warranty triggers.
  3. Backing Claims with Data: Building a strong warranty claim is as important as promptly identifying warranty triggers. A report correlating the asset’s Digital Twin, historical audit data, and performance graphs that identifies lapses from when 80% of warranty claim conditions may be triggered builds a strong winning case.

The results were satisfactory with the following key metrics being measured:

In conclusion, automation of warranty management is imperative to the financial success of an energy asset. Containing unexpected, undiscovered loss in equipment performance by timely warranty trigger discovery is critical as the asset ages.

FutrOS’ proprietary Warranty Management module is built to measure and track MTTDs. This will bring about the most effective and time-sensitive performance management of your teams & assets.


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