Solar Energy being the most popular form of renewable energy comes with an abundance of maintenance work. Current solar monitoring systems that are being practiced in the industry are manually driven leading to errors and inefficiency. Whereas upgrading the setup to an automated method will ensure time effectiveness adding up to the health and longevity of the plant. Digital and performance monitoring of solar energy involves using cutting-edge technology to monitor and regulate the operation of solar power facilities from a distance1. The monitoring systems employ sensors and software to collect data on the operation of inverters, solar panels, and other equipment. This data is then analyzed to spot problems and improve performance.

Ensuring an industrial energy system is continuously producing sufficient power requires monitoring around the clock. It can only be made possible through the real-time performance monitoring system. Futr Energy’s latest industrial automation technology Futr OS streamlines the monitoring process leading to a standardized data-driven approach.

solar monitoring systems
solar monitoring systems

When we talk about maintaining a solar power plant it includes two functionality, monitoring and device maintenance. Monitoring as the name suggests is keeping track of the functionality in the solar plant while maintenance includes cleaning and replacing faulty equipment. The Futr OS software has streamlined the complete maintenance process integrating all relevant information in one single dashboard.

Why do we need real-time monitoring?

Real-time monitoring is a must to determine the performance of solar power plants. The efficiency of photovoltaic modules is strongly influenced by solar irradiance and the condition of the plant itself. Monitoring with the help of a software suite ensures better control and supervision of the solar plants.

Real-time monitoring is essential in ensuring that the output of a photovoltaic power plant is as optimal as possible. It can be used to determine the efficiency of solar cells, analyze the use of energy, and help in exporting electricity generated by solar panels. Real-time monitoring platforms are able to instantly alert owners when changes and failures are detected in the solar energy system. The best monitoring systems will generally increase production between 2-5 % for a PV system.

Remote Monitoring System in solar plants allows stakeholders to remotely monitor and evaluate performance and identify problems and abnormalities. To increase the efficiency of the solar power plant, there is a need for continuous evaluation and monitoring. Problems like continuous rainfall, damaged parts, or high pollution levels can lead to lesser power generation than the potential itself.

performance monitoring system
performance monitoring system

Monitoring Solar Power Plants Offers the Following Benefits:

  1. Real-time monitoring of different components in the system.
  2. Maintenance tool and Dynamic Operation i.e. alerts will immediately get raised on any misbehavior of the system.
  3. Reduce costs by ensuring optimal performance.
  4. Optimize and Forecast performance.
  5. Option to raise a ticket for error and abnormality leading to real-time support.
  6. Automatic reporting.

How to save money through real-time monitoring?

Futr OS is a robust and highly dependable remote monitoring solution that helps minimize solar plant damage and keeps production in check. Apart from the production aspect, monitoring in real-time will also lengthen the lifetime and availability of all of their components and reduce operating and maintenance costs. A combination of predictive analytics algorithms and condition-based remote monitoring solutions from Futr OS provides stakeholders with more clarity while our analysts provide timely inputs to the site team to improve plant performance using domain expertise, real-time data monitoring, historical experience, and troubleshooting manuals.

Remote monitoring is a fast-growing industry, with a demand for real-time operational data. It helps in reducing downtime, generating intelligent insights, and relieving plant owners of any manual effort. Remote monitoring also provides 24/7 access to your data and condition reports through our website, mobile app, and email alerts so you can keep track of your solar PV system’s health.

Solar tracking systems and real-time monitoring can increase energy generation by up to 25%3. As a result, you may be able to create much more energy through your system, which may help you reduce costs. Remote monitoring is a cost-effective and reliable way to improve plant performance. It keeps the production intact, minimizes damage, and increases plants’ efficiency. Remote monitoring also enables you to generate intelligent insights, which can be used by all your stakeholders in making data-driven decisions.

remote monitoring system
remote monitoring system

Futr OS Monitoring and Services include:

  1. Identifying troubleshoots and providing real-time solutions.
  2. Information about equipment load and wear
  3. Knowing in real-time when equipment loads are too high or when components are wearing out.
  4. Taking action quickly when necessary to avoid costly repairs and maintenance down the road.
  5. Futr OS remote solar plant monitoring platform gives you the ability to monitor your solar power plant from anywhere in the world. This means you can be home, in the office, or out of town, but Futr OS enables you to be present at any time.

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